What’s in my Light Gadget Bag?

Thought I would do a quick post on what I carry in my light gadget bag.  This is the bag I take for longer trips and where I don’t need the full MacBook Pro, or where I just want to take the lighter stuff.  I will do the full list I would pack for a trip, as some pieces are optional and not often taken.  Everything fits well and travels lightly.  With the two extra batteries (Mophie and Opteka) I can go without plugging in for quite a while.  I have tested the time on the Mophie while at Gencon this past summer and it allowed me to go the full day with heavy use and still not touch the iPhone’s internal battery.  It had just about 50% power left when I set it down to charge at night.  I have not stress tested the Opteka yet, but that will happen.  with it being solar, it should keep itself charged up fairly good without a plug in.

  • Targus 10.2″ CityGear Netbook Case: I got this because it had nice padding and space for extras.
  • iPad 3 w/ Apple Leather Smart Cover and Mareware Back Cover: Protection for the screen and backplate.
  • iPhone 4S with Graft Leverage Case: My favorite iPhone case thus far.  Not as expensive as the Element cases.
  • Twelve South Compass iPad Stand: This folds up tiny but has great stability.
  • Griffen iPad/iPhone capacitive stylus: for whatever, takes up no space at all.
  • Mophie iPhone 4S extended battery case: This case will allow me more than a full day of use without touching the iPhone battery.
  • Opteka Solar battery/charger: Bought this for the iPad as an extended battery, lasts a good 6 hours before tapping in the iPad battery.
  • iPad charging block with sync/charge cable.
  • iPhone charging block with sync/charge cable.
  • USB Charging block with cables for the Mophie Case and the Opteka battery.
  • Headphones

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