For the love of god, Pintrest…

OK, I did my best to not get hooked into Pintrest.  It seemed like it was going to become the next social drivel website closely behind Facebook.  I tried to stay away.  I really did.  Right up to the point where I downloaded the iPad app.  The issue is with the Technology and Products categories.  I am a sucker for gadgets and technology, and with my new-found love of home automation, I have wasted hours in those categories.  But there is too much cool shit in the world NOT to want to see some of it.  And as someone who cannot make most of the big tech and home conferences where these new and innovative products are demo’d and shown for the first time, Pintrest has become my portal to the “that is fucking cool shit” items available for real, or still in concept
Yep, this is just a blurb.

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