Stuff I Want!

Yep, pretty simple title for a pretty simple subject.  This year has been one for connectivity and automation.  I have added a full-time media server at home for all my movies, TV shows and music.  I have a simple, but working, security camera set up to watch the main entry into my house.  I have 2 automated switches on 2 of my lights that can be programmed and turned on/off remotely.  I want more, though.  I can see how people can get wrapped up in home automation – it is some cool stuff.

Here is the short list of stuff I want to add over the next year or so to really outfit my house.

  1. Phillips Hue Connected LED lights.  Control color and power for up two 50 bulbs.  Remotely.
  2. Nest Thermostat v2.  Control HVAC remotely, and it learns and adapts to help conserve energy.
  3. Belkin WeMo Motion switch.  Set up an ITTT for switches for when motion is detected – txt me when someone comes into the house…
  4. Phillips iSight Home Monitor video cameras – pretty self explanatory.

These all range in price from $100 to $300, so I wont be getting them all in one fail swoop.  However, one at a time over the next year is doable.

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