Busy Summer Again!

Yep, Summer is just around the corner.  There is a LOT going on again this summer and into the fall.  Leaving work out, I have 4 major events with a smattering of minor ones that will have me booked out until nearly November.  Now, I have to start getting them written into my Calendar so I can keep up with them.

First for the Major Events:

  1. KY Highlands Renaissance Fair: runs 6 weekends starting first weekend in June.  Yep, right around the corner.
  2. 48 Hour Film Fest – July 19-21.  This one is gonna be busy, tiring and fun.
  3. GenCon 2013 – Indianapolis, August 14-19.  You have to experience this to understand how much fun it is.
  4. Ohio Renaissance Fair: Runs 8 weeks starting August 31.

And Now, The Minor Evens:

  1. Dali Lama Talk at Yum! Center, May 19.
  2. Booth Maintenance and build.  May 25-31.  getting ready for fair.
  3. 48 Hour Film Fest Viewings and voting – takes place 2 weeks after turn-in on the 21st of July.

Yep, gonna be a busy time.  There are also some spur of the moment things that will come up as well.  I think a boat trip somewhere in the mix and beer tastings and trips.

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