So, I just added another piece to my media gear.  Seagate Wireless Hard Drive, 1 TB.  Purpose?  Simple – carry my movies around so I can watch any of them at any time.  Makes my 32 GB iPad virtually limitless when it comes to storage.  Add the Zagg Spark 2 and the battery life for the hard drive approaches 24 hours.  Since I have the 32 GB iPad rather than the 64 GB version, I have had to be careful about how much I put on it.  Balance the movies with the games and whatnot.  Not anymore.  I can stream right off the HD and it takes no room on the iPad.  OR, I can copy a movie over once and watch it then delete it, saving up battery life on the drive.  Best of all, no need to sync with iTunes to cue up movies.

Beyond that, as I started playing with the device and the app that comes with it, I realized I had a huge amount of storage space for photos and such as well.  Since it works with the iPhone as well, I can take photos on the iPhone with the better camera and then save the photos to the drive, then edit them on the iPad with no degradation in resolution that happens with the PhotoStream.  Also, with the camera connection kit, I can pull the movies I shoot off my GoPro  and DSLR and store them on the drive as well, with the iPad being a medium.  Yep, lots to think about.  Right now, it is a near perfect entertainment solution.


My iPad, Seagate Wifi Drive, Zagg Spark 2.0

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