I turn 40 today.

I am not 100% sure how I feel about it.  It doesn’t bother me, I feel no different than I did the day before.  But on the other hand, the thought that I have passed my half-way point keeps popping into my head.  “They” say you are only as old as you feel, but I believe you are only as old as you allow yourself to feel.  Am I in perfect shape?  No.  Do I have more aches and pains than I did 10 years ago?  Of course.  The body will age, there is nothing stopping that.  Keep the mind young with games and fun and the right friends, and you will always feel young.  I know I am a lot better off, even physically, than a lot of people I know much younger than me.  The difference is state of mind.  I could complain my feet hurt after fair days (they do) or that my back and shoulders are sore from the lifting at the Forge (they do) or that I want to stay in bed until I wake up every day (I do) but guess what?  Complaining about something isn’t going to change the facts.  It is just going to make those around you roll their eyes and think “here he goes again, complaining.”  If it bothered me so much, then I would change what I do.  I love fair, sore feet and all, and I love working at Legacy Forge, sore shoulders and back and all, and I don’t get as much sleep as I want, but I get enough.

To those who complain about getting older – do something about it.  Find something to do, new set of friends.  Get out of the house and get a hobby.  It is much better than sitting and being half-dead on the couch in a pity-party.

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