Last Few Weeks

Well, it has been a busy last few weeks since the renfair has ended; 48 Hour Film Festival, GenCon, Dallas work trip.  Not to say this is a bad thing, being busy, but really haven’t had true down time.  I think I have only had a couple full weekends off since fair ended in July.  That makes me a tired person.  With ORF around the corner (literally days away) I have to think hard what I am going to do with this weekend – the last one off until late October.  But more on that in a few – I want to kinda run down what I have done this summer.

48 Hour Film Festival 2013: Worked with 25 Square Feet Productions on the short film “Fiona’s Reparations”.  I have credits as Camera 3, Stunt Coordinator, Actor.  I have to say, I was VERY nervous about the acting part more because I had to recite the required line.  Stunt coordinator was fun – got to set up a nasty-looking “boot to the head” or more to the point “.38 Spl to the head”.  It turned out awesome on the big screen, and even fooled the audience and the “ooh’s” heard around the theater was like music.  One guy behind me even said “damn, I think she really hit him.”  We couldn’t win any awards as the film didn’t finish rendering in time due to power outage.  That’s ok, we still got shown with the rest of the films.

Dallas, TX Work Trip: This could have been better, could have been worse.  Miscommunication had me book the wrong hotel and have to change after the first night.  Leave it to the twins not to pass on the pertinent information.  This was the week for the north Dallas office Windows 7 migration.  Went harshly, but only because one group who was supposed to migrate all the accounts and rights from one domain to another failed to do so.  This meant all the users had no rights to any of their network drives.  Made the mornings rough.  Then the Dell techs that were sent were basically useless.  The mistakes made were, in some cases, catastrophic.  We got it all done, and i had 28 hours overtime, which is nice.

GenCon 2013: Awesome time again this year.  It always takes forever to get here, and then is gone in the blink of an eye.  Already I cannot wait for next year.  I got to meet some filmmakers who screened a decently done zombie movie.  They had over 300 extras for zombies.  Got their contact info and hope to work with them in the future.  Had 2 True Dungeon runs.  The first was frustrating as we had a real dickhead take my Ranger slot and could not throw worth a shit.  Stats for Hit/Dmg dont mean dick if you cannot keep the thing on the board.  The 2nd run was flawless, however.  Best group ever through the TD; and 3 of the 10 had never played before but were good at learning and picked everything up quick.  Our AD&D game was great too.  I won, but the party lost.  I failed the last saving throw and ended up picking up the artifact and killed everyone and went on to rule the entire plane.

This summer was busy.  It was short on time off.  It was fun and frustrating.  Overall, however, it was good.

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