ORF and Legacy Around the Corner

Just as the title says, Ohio Ren Fair is literally around the corner.  I have this coming weekend to get prepared and things gathered and then the next weekend after that is the opening weekend.  I will be tied up there for the next 8 weekends.  I guess “tied up” may not be the best phrase, but it works well enough.  I will get some extra money, see some old friends and be tired for the next 8 Mondays.  Will be working at Legacy Forge every Sunday, and just running around playing patron on Saturdays.  It seems to help with burnout and keeps some of the fun alive.  I love working at the Forge, but being that on for that long can grind down somewhat.  I can do both days in KY because, while we get busy, we never get as busy as ORF can get.  5 to 6 people deep at the counter during peak times, 2 to 3 during off-peak.  It is going to be a great season, nonetheless.  I did order a new inflatable bed, though.  My old one’s pump has died and the bed itself has a leak somewhere.

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