Zombie Failure

OK, so a while back, I asked a question of whether or not I would either write a short book or do a video blog.  Well, long story short, I will be writing a short book.  Now, while I have set up a distribution point on Amazon.com, I have not actually uploaded anything or set a price.  Sorry, wont be free, but it wont be expensive, either.

Basic synopsis: A normal guy, not unlike myself, is caught in the very beginning of an outbreak of zombies in his home town.  The story will focus on how he attempts to survive the first brutal days of the outbreak.  Now, unlike a lot of the other zombie short stories I have been reading, and there are hundreds I have read, this one is taking the viewpoint of a plain, normal, ordinary guy in a cushy job with no military or firearms training.  You know, the everyday, slightly out of shape and slightly overweight guy.

Anyway, that is all I will divulge at this time.  Once I get it ready to go and someone to edit/proofread it, I will post a link to download it.  Keep in mind, it is my first attempt at publishing a book.

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