Guns and Allergies

Well, the last part of last week, in a word, sucked.  Came down with something Thursday night that stuck with me through the weekend.  I did nothing Thursday, Friday or Sunday.  However, on Saturday, I went with a couple friends of mine, Tim and John, to the annual National Gun Day gun show at the fairgrounds.  It was packed and felt a lot like GenCon but smelled better.  There were guns going all the way back into the 1600s through modern hunting and assault rifles.  I ended up getting a few hundred rounds of 9mm ammo and a new concealment holster for my M&P.

Saturday night and Sunday morning were the peak of the illness.  I got home from the gun show took some medicine and bundled up.  I went through 3 containers of OJ and 2 of cranberry juice.  I shivered and sweated at the same time all while huddled up on the couch under a big-ass blanket.  Watched some movies and went to sleep.  When I got up Sunday, I felt terrible, but no fever or shakes.  By Sunday afternoon, all I had left was a stuffed up nose and an on/off headache.

Found out at 6am this morning that the office was going to be opening 2 hours late so I could sleep in for another couple hours.  This meant I had to drive in, but that is ok.  I have to pick up some stuff for my mom from the store anyway, and this will make it easier to get to the store.  While not at 100% yet, I am feeling better than I was last week.  Hope this passes quickly and I can get back to normal.

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