Weather, You’re Drunk

I usually do not complain about the weather or get into drawn-out discussions about it simply due to the fact that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.  Also, I generally don’t mind winter and prefer it to summer.  I mean, you can always put on more layers in the winter time, but there is only so much you can take off and still walk down the street in public without being cited for indecent exposure.

But this year, it is like ole Mother Earth has hit menopause.  From 30s to 70s to 30s all in the span of a couple days.  Actually, Spring has been teasing us since the first of March.  That’s fine, whatever.  But damn if my knees aren’t screaming as they swell and deflate over and over…  Sure, may just be me getting old, but I know they didn’t do it as much last year.

Hell, as of writing this little article, I glanced at the weather widget to the right and right now it is 25F and tomorrow will be 68F.  Really?

This is the Ohio Valley of Louisville, KY.  And I know that, come  this summer, the same people complaining about the cold weather now will be complaining about the heat and humidity.  And like I said, I would rather have the cold than the heat, but even then, it wont make any difference to sit around and complain about it – I cannot personally change the weather, only how I dress for it.  (End of my Dr. Phil moment…)

Well, that’s it for this little aside.

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