St. Patty’s Day ’14

As a resident of Louisville, KY who is not a fan of college basketball, March is a noisy month.  Both at work and at play.  You cannot go into a bar or pub or even restaurant without being blasted in the face with either Red or Blue.  For me, March is too long of a month.  There is only one day of the month that is even hospitable to someone like me; Match 17, aka Saint Patrick’s  Day.

Yes, I realize that we Americans have bastardized the Irish version of this holiday, but that is OK.  I don’t live in Ireland.  If the 17th falls on a weekday, I take from 12 noon to 12 noon off from work.  Gotta recover.  Since 1996 (or so) I have been celebrating at the Irish Rover in the Clifton area of Frankfort road.  They have the best party.  The entire parking lot is put under a tent and the bring in bands and talent from all over the region and beer and fish/chips are served in copious amounts.  There are people I only see on this day, yet we pick up where we left off from the year before.

And I am getting ready to head there in just 2 long hours.

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