Light Computing Go-Bag

Now, this is not to be confused with a bug-out bag.  A bug-out bag would require a whole blog of its own to manage, as this is a well-covered topic among the survivalists and preppers.  No, I am not going to tackle that topic.  Yet.  I will cover my light, grab and go bag for computing.  It is basically my iPad (3) and supporting add-ons.

It actually isn’t even a bag.  It is a “Book Book” from TwelveSouth.  It is designed to carry the iPad 2,3,4 or Air.  If you look at it on their web page, you see there are lots of configurations you can use for the different gear you want to carry.  For me, it is mainly to support my iPad and iPhone.  I used it exclusively when I went to California back in January.  It is all I took on the airplane and I didn’t even have to open it at TSA going or coming.

What I had in the case was a combination of charge cables, a dual USB charger for my iPhone and iPad, Zagg backup battery, Seagate wireless hard drive, and Bluetooth headphones and TwelveSouth Compass iPad stand.  It made for a light carry on for the airplane.  And now, it makes for a quick grab and go for if I feel like getting out of the house or head on a short trip as well.  All I have to do is slide my iPad in the case, load the hard drive and battery and go.

I will try and get a photo or so later to attach to this post, but the product page for Twelve South really does a good job showing off the case.  I will get my big computer go bag at a later date.  But at it’s base is the super cool Pelican ProGear S130 Sport Elite.  Picked mine up for $195 on Amazon.

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