New Travel Case

I did a short writeup of my small go case for computing, now here is the large go case for computing.  This will be short, as I have not had a chance to really put it to use yet.  I bought this on faith that it would fit my MBP. Everything about this case was mobility for me and being able to take my full kit with me, both my still camera kit and my video cameras (GoPro and a small Sony.) I was also able to include my whole iPad kit in TwelveSouth’s Book Book. It is probably going to be my last case. I cannot wait until my next trip to really put it to use. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good really throw-around travel case. And It will be very TSA friendly, since everything is easily accessible and fully protected. This is typical of every Pelican case I have ever used.  More info and photo after break.

Pelican S130 Sport Elite Backpack

Pelican S130 Sport Elite Backpack

Pelican S130 Elite Backpack

Here is my camera kit in the camera bag section:

  • Canon D20
  • 16mm-35mm EOS L Lens
  • 24mm-70mm EOS L Lens
  • 70mm-200mm EOS L IS Lens
  • 4 batteries for camera
  • 2 lens filters (Enhancement and C Polarizer)
  • Battery Charger
  • Memory Case

I am able to carry my computer, MBP 17″ with charger and mouse, earphones, small rechargeable battery for earphones, Canon Speedlite Flash for camera.  I have not put the whole kit together yet, but plan on it this weekend.  I know I will need the full camera kit when it comes time to work the 48 Hour Film Festival in Louisville this coming July.

There will probably be multiple configurations for this bag.  I may end up making different versions depending on what I plan on doing during a trip.  I can see a full camera kit that includes the Sony and GoPro with the Canon, minus the iPad kit.  I can see the Canon kit with the iPad kit and some other sundries for general travel that wont include the video cameras.  I can see getting another insert for just the video kit and no still camera.  If I ever get a BlackMagic 4k camera, I can see it taking over the bag, but again, with a different insert so it will be easily modular.

I am very happy with the purchase.  The best I have seen in a laptop backpack in a long time, and it keeps my MBP 17″ snug and protected.  Everything you would expect from a pelican case.

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