My Vape Kit

The new big thing in smoking or for quitting smoking is Vapor.  In it’s simplest form, it is a nicotine delivery system with flavor suspended in a Poly Glycol or Vegetable Glycol solution.  The fluid, aka juice, saturates a wick (wire mesh, silica thread or cotton) and then heat is applied to vaporize the juice.  Same method as fog machines, but less chemicals.  Other than the ability to continue the act of smoking, complete with the production of “smoke” you get the following benefits:

  1. You can step down your nicotine intake to 0 mg.
  2. You can use these devices inside buildings, including bars, restaurants, movie theaters.  Use common sense…
  3. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of flavors ranging from tobacco to lemon meringue pie.

My Vape Kit

My Vape Kit

I used to smoke pipes and cigars.  I still do on occasion, but significantly less.  I never really smoked cigarettes and really cannot remember the last time I actually bought a pack.  I liked the idea of being able to vape indoors, including in my house, which I never ever smoked in before and would not.  I can now sit inside when the weather sucks and vape, rather than having to wait for a nice evening to sit on the deck with a cigar or pipe.

I started out very simple with a Joyetech E-Go kit that came with everything I needed except the juice.  I got that from the same website.  Now, I am not going to list EVERYTHING in the kit, I will just link it, and if you want, you can buy it.  What is nice is the kit is very simple to use and easy to understand.  Nothing like the variable voltage / variable wattage batteries or programmable heads or the rebuild-able atomizers.  Those come later once one gets more of an understanding of what they are looking for.

Fast-forward 2 years (almost) and I have a whole new kit.  VV/VW programmable, VV/VW manual, Manual Mod, RBA, tanks and more.  Hell, one of the batteries looks like a grenade.  I get a lot of comments on that one.  Better to show than tell.  I will say this, the box it is in is a Pelican Case (130, I think) and it works a treat.

If you want ant real specifics, please ask.

  • Joyetech EVic
  • Innoken Coolfire II
  • Joyetech EGo 510 (x2)
  • Kanger ProTank 2 Tank
  • Kanger ProTank 2 Mini Tank (x2)
  • Innoken I-Clear 30B tank
  • Spare Batteries
  • Spare Atomizers for the tanks
  • Assortment of juices

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