Meet Dracolich


Microsoft Surface Pro 2

So I picked up a new computer/tablet.  Did I need another tablet seeing as how I have an iPad?  No.  Did I need another computer seeing as how I have a very good MacBook Pro?  No.  Is it more than a cool new toy to configure and play with?  Yes.  It is like the red-headed stepchild of my home technology bundle.  It is the only Microsoft Windows device in my house right now.  And that is OK.  Meet Dracolich, my Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

It will be taking the place of nothing, replacing nothing.  It will be adding to my growing list of gadgets that I have for specific purposes.  It has already shown itself to be quite capable and as it is a full computer, rather than a tablet running on a separate OS, I can install anything on it I would install on any other Windows computer.  I realize my whole house and entertainment center is Mac OSX oriented.  And  that isn’t changing.  I have already installed Plex on Dracolich so I can stream movies to it as well.  I have most of the apps on my iPad and iPhone replicated that I would want, so the rest is to be basically Windows 8.1.

I did research on one to get so I could get the most out of it.  I decided on the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with 256GB solid state drive.  The 256GB model also has 8GB of RAM, as opposed to the 4GB in the 64GB and 128GB models.  I also went with Titanium Black and the Type Touch 2 keyboard.  It has the chicklet-style keys rather than the touch keys.  It is also back-lit, which is nice in the dark.  I have not pushed Dracolich to its limits concerning the battery life yet, I have not had it long enough.  The box says 7-8 hours, but I am betting it would be more like 6-7 hours.  Can’t really see the screen at 1%…

I plan on using this computer to augment my MBP, but differently than my iPad.  It will be a processing device.  I am going to see how well it handles video with the GoPro app and I am still searching for a good Photoshop replacement.  I have the capability of watching Netflix and Hulu+ and the like, but I don’t know if it will outlast my iPad.  Maybe as a secondary system.  What I need to do is find its own purpose; it is a full computer, not just tablet.  I know I will either find a place for it, or it will find its own place.

Oh, and for those who are wondering and care, it will run WoW at “Good” settings and maintain about 40 FPS.  Not bad, and definitely playable.

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