A Week Later

iPad and Surface Pro 2Well, it has been a week with the Surface Pro 2.  I have to say, I am very impressed with it.  While it won’t take the place of my MacBook Pro or my iPad, it does have a reserved place in my gear bag.  I have gotten it all set up with backups, image processing apps (still trying to figure out which to use most), video apps, my favorite browsers and more.  Even have it set up with internal storage (64GB MicroSD card) and 228GB storage on Microsoft’s OneDrive.  The biggest thing about it is that it is a full-blown desktop operating system with full desktop apps.  No sandbox or anything else.  Full browsers are really nice, especially when you need them.  That is my one big wish on the iPad.

It will have its place among my gadgets.  I have a bag set up for my iPad and charger, Surface and its charger and mouse and stylus’ for both.  I look forward to using it more and getting the gadgets to work together.  Dracolich is here to stay.

The image is a comparison of the size difference between the iPad (3) and the Surface Pro 2.  The diagonal are pretty much the same, but the main difference is the iPad is a 4×3 screen configuration and the SP2 is 16×9.  The SP2 is heavier as well.

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