[Rant] Stupid User Tricks

And I mean really stupid user tricks.  More along the lines of “you should never touch technology again” users.  I follow some other blogs, RSS feeds and a couple forums.  Also, I have 18 years of experience in the computer industry, a good bit of it with user support.  One thing I have found in these years and on those sites is there are people who just should not be allowed to have a computer of any type.  These are the ones who could break a 10-key calculator.

No matter what the hardware/software is, it doesn’t work for them.  They can take the item back and exchange it for a brand new one and immediately they start having the same problems.  Then they just take it back and exchange it for something completely different (think user moving from Windows OS to Macintosh OSX) and immediately have problems with it as well.  Well, guess what, genius, it isn’t the hardware with the problem, IT IS YOU!  You are not smart enough to use the devices.  You are customer support nightmares because you will not do what you are asked and keep going on you own.  You are the only common denominator in all your computer issues.

You are known as a P.E.B.K.A.C.  Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.  You hijack threads to complain about your own unrelated problems, you tell people to fuck off when they give you something to try.  You just need to get out of the computer world and stick to a flip phone.  But god forbid there are more than 10 buttons.

In parting, from now on when you ask me a question, I will respond with D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.F.  Do I Look Like I Give A Flying Fuck!  I am out of G.A.S.  Give A Shit.

Rant over.  Back to your regularly scheduled blog.

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