Upcoming Schedule

Yep, it is getting to be that time again.  Spring is turning into summer way too quickly, yet again.  In just a few short weeks my “busy” season starts.  This coming weekend is the start to Derby Week here in Louisville, KY.  Events every day leading up to the running of the Kentucky Derby.  Followed by a weekend off, then a Cabin Weekend (those who know, know) and then a weekend off and then Memorial Day weekend. 

The very next weekend after that is the start of the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival.  KHRF runs for 6 weekends.  It is a smaller renfair that is finally coming into its own.  This is the ninth season, after opening its doors for the first time in 2006.  It is poised to be a good year, too.  That will definitely keep me overly busy for the entire run.  But that is good.  I will be back at Legacy Forge with Tom and Amanda slinging steel into the crowds for fun and profit.

After that, I have a week or so off, then I get to jump right into the Louisville 48 Hour Film Festival.  48 hours of writing, shooting, editing and canning a film from scratch to compete for local, regional, national and international fame.  This makes my 3rd year participating full force.  I am really looking forward to it as well.  Gonna be a tiring, but fulfilling weekend.

From there, another single weekend off and then we have my sister’s wedding.  Somehow she begged enough that I will be doing the photography for her.  After that, I think I have 2 weekends off, but then comes GenCon – the best 4 days in gaming – up in Indianapolis.  That reminds me, I need to get my badge next week.

After that, I have one final weekend off until the Ohio Renaissance Fair kicks off for 8 weekends.  Again, I will be up at Legacy Forge, but with a whole different crew.  It is much larger than KHRF, and has been around for I believe 25 years this season.  Some time towards the end of October I will again be free.  Only to have another Cabin Weekend sneak up quickly.

So yes, thus starts my busy time.

PS: This is the first post to be done from Dracolich, the Surface Pro 2.

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