Three More Days!

Skipped last week because I just didn’t have anything to say.

Yep, in 3 days it will be the start of another Cabin Weekend, or D&D Weekend or Gaming Weekend or just plain drunk weekend.  Three or four weekends a year a bunch of friends get together to drink and play games.  We are all a bunch of old geeks, so generally it is some old school D&D.  This weekend coming up is that weekend.  The last until fall.  We will have anywhere between 6 and 10 people.

This weekend, however, I have to stay somewhat sober.  It is my turn to lead these drunks through the game of killing monsters and grabbing loot.  I spent last Saturday getting everything all ready to go.  Had to find all the characters, get the adventure lined up and finished off, and get my head around what I want to do with them.

The other part to all this is getting the drinks.  Generally, we go with a 1/2 barrel of Abita Amber, but since there will be only about 6 or 7 of us, so we went with a 1/4 barrel.  We all end up bringing extra anyway, so no big deal.  I have a couple bottles of “Bo and Luke” and a couple bottles of “Old Crustation Barleywine.”  There will bourbon and vodka and other liquors down there as well.

It will be a great weekend, mine running from Friday through Monday.

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