Ramblin’ On

This is kind of a “let me sum up” post.  Considering it has been a while since my previous post (pre-fair) this will cover a few different subjects.

The 2014 season of the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Fair was a very successful one.  Each weekend’s attendance beat the corresponding weekend of the previous year, which also have good attendance.  We also had a good season at Legacy Forge.  We added a 3rd person on Sundays, which really did help with closing and allowed us to get out and see some of the fair.  It was a great season for weather too, with no oppressive heat issues outside of a single weekend where it got to 92 or so.  Overall, it was a great 9th season at KYHRF.

As for the time since then, it has been nice to have the two weekends to do nothing, really.  The first weekend free, I went and watched the World Cup finals in a local pub with a couple friends from Austria.  With Germany playing, and eventually winning, it was a hoot watching their reactions.  Last weekend, went with a couple other friends and their son to see the Liberty Belle, a World War 2 B-17 bomber.  That was cool to see take off and land and fly.  On Sunday, I went and met up with our 48 Hour Film Fest team to kinda do a planning meeting.  This should be a good time again this year.

Next weekend is the actual 48 Hour Film Fest, where we have 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and turn in a finished 4 to 7 minute film.  It is rough, but a lot of fun.  We cant start writing until we get our genre (pulled from a hat), required prop, required line of dialog and required character name and profession.  We don’t get any of that until 7pm on Friday evening.  We then have until 7pm on Sunday to turn in a finished film.  Not much sleep is had from Friday to Sunday.

The weekend after that, my sister is getting married and she conned me into photographing that, so I will be completely consumed that weekend as well.  The weekend after that is “do all laundry and get packed” weekend as the Wednesday of that week is GenCon 2014.  Can’t wait for that – 5 days of gaming and fun with some of my best friends!  Then, a weekend off then Ohio Ren Fair for 8 weekends.

Summer is way too busy, but that is a good thing.

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