World Cup et al.

The World Cup.  Soccer, Futbol, whatever.  Most who know me know I am not a huge sports fan.  I will watch a few NFL games on the TV once in a while, I will go to a baseball game, but wont watch it on TV.  However, there is one kind of sport I love to watch: World Sporting Events.  Things like the World Cup, Olympics (Summer and Winter), X-Games, just to name a few.  This year we have had the Winter Olympics and the World Cup.  I was able to stream both of them whenever I wanted to, it was awesome.  World sporting events are a short time once in a while where people get together to play games and allow politics to take a back seat.  Truly, all of us humans are basically the same when it comes right down to it.  That is what makes these events so much fun.

I had a blast with the World Cup.  Even though the USA didn’t make it to the finals, we did get into the play offs, and didn’t do terrible.  I still had other teams to cheer for (Netherlands and Chile, for instance) and teams to boo (Columbia and Brazil).  In the end, after Germany destroyed Brazil 7 to 1, it was Germany against Argentina.  I ended up at Flanagan’s pub to watch the game.  It was packed.  I was joined by a couple friends, who just happened to be from Austria, and we sat and watched as no goals got scored in regulation.  It was fun seeing their reactions, especially hers.  She was going from Austrian to English mid sentence – funny.  Finally, the only goal is scored by Germany, and the place erupts.  I was a great end to a month of soccer.

So, in four years we will be back to the World Cup again.  Hopefully the USA will have a good team and will make it further into the finals.  The Olympics will be back again as well.  I look forward to the Summer Olympics in 2016 and the WC and Winter Olympics in 2018.

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