That’s a Wrap!

So, Louisville’s 48 Hour Film Festival was shot over last weekend.  We started at 7:00 pm Friday night and turned in just after the deadline (technical issues) on Sunday night.  We had a great time with the whole process.  As with all the others I have done it was exciting, exhaust, fun and frustrating, painful and ecstatic.  Yes, it really was all those things.  You really do run the full range of emotional and physical stress as you try and compress what should take weeks to accomplish into all of 48 hours.  Read on to see a synopses of the project.

As with any contest, there are rules.  The film has to be between 4 and 7 minutes long.  It has to be written, shot and edited within the 48 hour time period.  There are 4 required items to be in the film.  They are Genre (randomly drawn from a hat), line of dialog, character name/profession and prop.

Genre: Road Movie
Character Name/Profession: Lefty or Lucy Ellington, Professional Athelete
Prop: Slice of Pizza
Line of Dialog: “How was I to know?”

Our movie is called “Shift” and it follows the course of a daughter (Lucy Ellington) who learns of her estranged fathers death during a flat-track motorcycle race.  She travels to his wake, which happens to be at a motorcycle bar (special thanks to Barrett Bar) where friends of the father share stories of his life with his daughter.  In the end, the daughter learns more of her father and picks up where he left off.

Considering the editing I did with the stories, which was a full 10 minutes uncut, we had a helluva time trimming down to 7 minutes.  I cant wait to see the full film (the director was also main editor) as I didn’t see everything together and finished.  I edited 2 of 4 scenes, and sent them to the director.  He did the splicing and cutting of the final and included the titles and credits.  We probably shot enough to make a full 30 minute documentary on a fictional motorcycle racer’s life.

And we only needed one location to shoot in!  Well, three, if you include the final scene shot of the daughter riding out of a garage and the road footage shot by a group of bikers with GoPros.  We wrapped at 2:45 pm on Saturday, the rest was spent gathering the cameras and media and then on into the editing.  I spent hours on the 2 scenes, until my eyes were blurry and dry.

Overall, I had a blast and cannot wait until next year.

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