GenCon Indy 2014

Indianapolis, Indiana.  August 13-17, 2014.  Yep, we went up the day before.  And the day before is quickly becoming Day 1.

Too much fun, yet again.  Save up all year for hotel, events and splurging on huge meals and epic beer.  I have been coming up here since 2005/2006, but only for a day each.  Tim and I have been staying since 2007 and finally everyone else since 2008.  It is one of the best weeks of the year, and a time I schedule around.  For as long as we are able, and the event stays in Indianapolis, we will continue to go.  Hell, we are already planning for next year.

Wednesday was spent driving up (thanks Mike) and getting settled into the hotel.  We were lucky enough to get the Hyatt, which is connected to the Convention Center.  After check-in, we went and got lunch (and beer) walked through the convention center to return some tickets and to get to the food truck alley to get, yep, beer.  Not just any beer, but the official GenCon 2014 beer from SunKing.  After that, we went around the corner to the Ram for, wait for it, more beer.  Then came dinner and beer and back to the room.  Not much happened Wednesday, outside the beer.

Thursday saw me hitting a game of the newest version of D&D for demo, and the rest of the guys slept in.  I went on to join them for one of our best runs in True Dungeon since we started playing.  We had beer and food at Granite (great new brew pub) and hit the floor to see the vendors and gear, then dinner and beer followed by a great night gambling with Zombies.  Mike won first draw before we even started playing just for wearing a UK shirt…  Both Tim and I also won drawings as well.  It was a blast, and lots of alcohol was consumed.  Chris and I went to play some Werewolf, but in an epic journey to find a restroom (all of them were closed) I left my new bag with Chris (we were drunk, BTW).

Friday came with the realization I left my bag with Chris.  Apparently he didnt remember I had left it by him.  I rushed down to the Lost and Found and was able to retrieve the bag – there are some good people out there!  Hit the floor, drank beer and rum and ate and played.  We demo’d another game and had fun.  Not as much on the docket for the day, but it was GenCon.  There was always something going on.

Saturday morning came and Chris and I went to Tracey Hickman’s Killer Breakfast (no breakfast is actually served at Killer Breakfast) and as we were going to leave, I missed the pocket in my bag and dropped my phone on the ground.  Yep, it got turned in as well.  Where are all these nice people the rest of the year?  The guy was asking me all kinds of questions about it until I had him let me put my thumb on the button and unlock it…  He only said “I guess it is yours, then.”  Genius.  We met up with Tim and Mike for the next round of True Dungeon and had a blast there as well.  TD this year was great!  Saturday ended up with a full on food coma-inducing dinner at Weber Grill.  It is now as much of a tradition as running True Dungeon.  After that, we all went to watch a block of “horror comedy” movies – which were great – and then for a few beers (yep, there is a trend) and then to bed.

We were up and out of the hotel by 11:30 or so and hit the vendor floor for the last time for an hour or so.  Sunday is always sad, with the event ending at 4pm.  We got home LATE due to a screw up with Cracker Barrel, who just could not get the order right to save their lives (free meal, however, so no complaints) and then terrible traffic at the Ohio River, requiring us to get out the GPS and route from I-65 to I-64 via back streets between Jeffersonville and New Albany.  All that considered, it was yet another awesome trip to GenCon Indy 2014.

And now the race for a hotel for GenCon Indy 2015 begins.

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