Well, it has been a while since my last post.  And that one was pretty boring.  Hopefully this one will be somewhat better on that front.  We’ll see.

First, I have been working and playing on the weekends at the Ohio Renaissance Festival in Harveysburg, OH.  It is about 20 minutes north of Kings Island.  It has been a good year, and the highlight was having the tribal pipes and drums from Glascow Scotland in for this past weekend; Albannach.  I was talking with one of them just before their first set about an upcomming trip and then one of his bandmates runs down, says “Hey, we goota be on stage, now.”  He looks at me and says, as he points at the merc booth, “You got this?  Good.” without even waiting.  So, I stood guard over their merc and sold for them for the first set.  It was fun and netted me a free CD.  There is one weekend left of the fair and then I can sleep in on weekends again.

The first weekend after fair, however, I am planning on making a trip to Waverly Hills to their haunted house.  Also, that week, a friend and his family are coming in for a visit from Chile.  It will be a busy week for me during a week I am usually trying to take it easy.  It’s all good, though.  Will be nice to see them and get the crap scared out of me all at the same time.

For now, signing off.  Have a great fall and great rest of October.

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