New iPad and Stuff

So, on Friday, October 17, 2014 I ordered a new iPad after the latest versions were released by Apple.  I purchased an Apple iPad Air 2, 128GB Wifi/Cellular version.  My previous iPad was the iPad 3, 32 GB Wifi-only version.  I tried saving some money on the last one, and while it was good I did try, I found myself wishing I had gotten the 64 GB version at least.  I went ahead and got the biggest one, leaving any buyer’s remorse in the rear-view mirror.  I am glad I did.  I also got the Zagg Invisible Shield Glass screen protector as well as the Apple iPad Air Smart Case in Leather.

It took just under an hour to convert from the iPad 3 to the iPad Air 2.  I was safe, and did a full backup to my computer of the iPad 3.  Then, I activated the new iPad Air 2 as an existing iPad and restored.  It took less than 10 minutes for the backup to run and less than that, even for the restore.  What I got at the end was a fully useable, all data intact with all apps, iPad Air 2 as if I had never even switched models.  Of course, I have been  through this once before when switching from my iPad 1 to my iPad 3.  Once I verified the iPad Air 2 was running everything normally, I did a full reset on my iPad 3.  I already have it sold.

I ordered the screen protector on Monday, October 20.  It shipped and arrived before the iPad itself.  Which is good, because I dont like even touching the screens before I have something on them.  You should see me activating the iPhones at work without having a screen protector.  Drives me nuts.  This is the 2nd Glass version I have used; the first was with my iPhone.  I love it.  Installation is so easy, you literally peal the adhesive side, center it (I recommend using the Home button end as the centering side) and then lay it down.  It adheres all on its own, and leave no bubbles at all.  Easiest screen protector to install I have ever worked with.  Now, as to the feel.  It is glass, so it feels like there is no screen protector at all on the device.  It is smooth and it is very responsive.  I have not noticed any mis-touches or anything else.  This is the only protector I will recommend to anyone.  Oh, as with all Zagg Invisible Shields, it has a lifetime warranty.

I was very apprehensive when it came to a case, however.  I wanted one like I had on my iPad.  I had the Leather Smart Cover, which looked great and felt great.  There is not an Apple Leather Smart Cover for the iPad Air 2.    Only an Apple Smart Case in leather.  My initial thoughts were it would be bulky in comparison to the Cover.  I took my iPad Air 2 to the Apple Store and tried the case out to see what it would be like.  Never even took it off – it worked great.  Feels good (as leather should) and it is very low profile.  It adds very little to the iPad Air 2 and the Cover part works just like my old one.  The case is lined with a very soft suede.

The main reason I got the iPad Air 2 with Cellular was because it had the full GPS radio.  Secondary to that was the ability to choose different service providers whenever.  Now, I found out later (as did everyone) that AT&T was gonna be a dick and lock the SIM after you connect with them – thus defeating the whole purpose of having the open SIM.  Typical for AT&T to fuck the consumer…  S.O.P. for them.  I activated mine with TMobile because they had a deal for 3 months @ $5 month for 5GB per month.  After that, I plan on turning it off, but figured I would try it out and see anyway.  Too good a deal to pass up.  But to have a fully unlocked iPad is near priceless.  That kinda thing used to cost a lot of money.

To sum up, I am very happy with my purchase.  I am also very happy with the speed at which everything shipped.  I had it a week after I ordered it.  The day after they hit the stores.  As with all my other Apple devices (previous and current), it feels good in my hands and is very fast.  If someone is looking to upgrade, the Apple iPad Air 2 is a very good purchase.  Especially if they are coming from a device that is older than the previous iPad Air (1).

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