Gonna geek out for a short spell

Yep, gonna play the part of a geek for a bit and discuss a game that is an escape.  I don’t play it a ton, but there are times where I just lose myself for the weekend and immerse in the World of Warcraft.  Yes, the same game that gets blamed for poor life choices of some extreme cases (parents ignoring children, 20-somethings who don’t bathe…)  Every few years, they release an expansion, which brings a whole bunch of new content, monsters, spells and useless achievements we just HAVE TO HAVE!

That leads me to last Thursday, when the latest expansion dropped.  While I wish I could have logged on and played, the servers were full and getting a nasty case of DDoS attacks by dickless asshole hackers who have no life other than spreading their own pain to others.  Yeah, hackers/crackers should all be hung, drawn and quartered.  You caused no pain to the company who was your target, just their users who have already paid…  I didn’t get on and play until Saturday morning.  And I stopped playing long enough to eat, sleep, shower and do laundry this weekend.

This expansion allows us to take our characters (aka toons) from level 90 to level 100.  After spending way too much time in the game this weekend, I got my first toon from level 90 to level 98.  Now, I was hoping to get to 100, but alas I got hit with the “ooh, shiny” bug with treasure boxes and rare kills that were scattered all over the zones.  My want to get to 100 is so that I can go into a newly refurbished raid dungeon that will be open only during the anniversary time period.  One of my favorite raid dungeons of all time, Molton Core.  It was a level 60 raid dungeon from the very first release version of WoW, and now it will be for those who are level 100.  Can’t wait.  It should release this coming Friday.

Yes, I am a geek at heart.  Yes, I have been playing this game for nearly 10 years.  It is a stress reliever and a way to pass the time between everything else I seem to have going on.  On average, I get maybe 5 hours a week of play time.  A lot less than most people I know who play it.  This weekend, however, I played from the time I got up to when I went to bed.  I did get laundry done, shower (both days, yes) and eat normal meals.  But yes, I geeked out for the weekend, and it was good.

Keep in mind, it is no different than people who go nuts for COD or GTA on a console…

1 thought on “Gonna geek out for a short spell

  1. This morning I was reading about Matt Haag, age 22, who is a professional COD player. He and his buddies have sponsors (like Red Bull) and regularly win $400k tournaments. They own a house together and play online full time. YouTube videos about Matt’s gaming life produces enough income to pay their expenses. So, yeah – one guy’s guilty pleasure is another guy’s job!

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