There is too much, lemme sum up. (Rant)

I hate all things political and religious (when it comes to discussions). Most of my good friends know this, and I abstain from discussions revolving those two topics. Sometimes, however, a point has to be made. I am at that point. Stemming from all the bullshit stories and theories and general crap that is spewing from the media and social networking, society has lost sight on what being a “good person” actually entails.

Without actually citing any specific examples (because I am too lazy right now, and editorials have nothing to do with facts), I am going to give my short list of BS.  First of all, it is nearly impossible to get any kind of factual information regarding any issue going on.  NO <newspaper to the nose>!  The “news networks” are not reporting stories, they are reactionary sensationalistic journalists doing what they are asked to present every story in the worst possible light in order to incite “viral” eruptions on social media.  The more inhumane the story, the better the ratings.  Facts are not being checked, nor is bias.  The media is a two party system in conjunction to politics.

OMG – don’t terrorize terrorists!  Their religion is about peace!  Tell that to the people they are beheading for sport, or because their religion is different.  Because, beheading or shooting a four year old will “teach them the error of being born in the wrong town.”  Fuck them all.  Waterboarding is a gentle swim in comparison.  They are not even brave enough to put on a uniform, but dress as civilians and hide when confronted.

And all the asshats who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and blame others for their criminal acts?  Yeah, you get what you deserve.  I grew up with the “when you are told to do something by a cop, you do it.  Argue in court, not on the street.  You will always lose on the street.”  Parents who don’t teach that – YOU’RE WRONG.  And THAT is why your dumbass kid is dead.  And you know what?  Society is better for it – now, how do we put you in jail for child abuse and neglect, because that is what you did.  And the dumbshits rioting – yeah, you are the embodiment of stereotype.  You wonder why no one whats to give you anything when all you do is destroy what you have.

When it comes to guns, it comes down to education.  It doesn’t matter if you like them or hate them, at least know how to use them.  Know what it takes to make a projectile come out of the barrel.  Know it doesn’t happen all by itself without conscience thought and effort by the person holding it.  Put them away when company comes over or you have kids in the house.  Be responsible.  That is what gun control should be about.  Not taking guns from educated responsible adults, leaving only cops, criminals and government with guns.  I own a few guns, they are all in my house.  They are all loaded and within easy reach.  There are no kids who live in my house and they get put away when I have people over.  Why do I have them?  For my protection.  If anyone breaks into my house, they have better have a will prepared, because their family will be at its reading the week after.  My shotgun is loaded to vaporize large chunks.  If you are still moving after two discharges, you have become a lesson in physics.

And you religious nutjobs…

On a lighter note, as 2014 comes to a close, we have stepped out and reached the stars, comets, planets and the depths of our own planet.  We need to remember we are all one race, no matter our color, nationality or religion.  If we wish to remain on this planet, we need to embrace our actions as our own and work to embrace each other as family.  Respect each other as well as their ideas and beliefs.  If we do that, they will respect ours as well.  I wish everyone happiness and peace through the next year, and remember to take it one day at a time.  You cannot change the world, but you can change yourself.  To summarize a quote: “Peace is not the destination.  Peace is the journey.”

Yes, I have disabled comments.  This is not up for discussion, it is me clearing my mental teeth of all the crap caught between them.  And yes, it got a little cliche at the end, but hey, it still fits.