Limoncello – Phase 2

So, this past weekend I started Phase 2 of my home made Limoncello.  I added the sugar water to the pure grain lemon zest infusion.  The sugar water consists of 2 cups of water and 3 cups of sugar.  Heated the solution until the sugar dissolved, then allowed it to cool to room temp.  While it was cooling, I filtered the infusion to remove all the zest solids, leaving a nice, clear yellow alcohol smelling strongly of lemon and burning.  (I did use 190 proof pure grain alcohol…)  After the solution cooled, I added it (through the filter) to the alcohol and swished it around.  I recommend using large bottles for this, they allow for plenty of room.  I let this all sit overnight, then poured into two 750 ml bottles and one 8 oz bottle.  I had a tiny bit left over (an ounce or two) so I poured it into a tumbler, added a cube of ice and tasted.  It tasted like a lemon drop candy, and while there was an alcohol smell to it, there was very little in the taste.  I am estimating it is still sitting upwards of 150 proof.  After I finished the taste, I felt tingly.  It was good.  Can’t wait to share.

Limoncello - Phase 2

Limoncello – Phase 2

2 thoughts on “Limoncello – Phase 2

    • It is really good. And will be really good for any kind of mixed drinks as well. But it is nice for sipping as well – just have to be careful. All the limoncello in the store is around 40 proof…


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