New Motorcycle!


2014 Honda NC700X DCT

I finally got both the courage and money to get a motorcycle.  I have been bouncing this around forever but never pulled the trigger.  Those who know me know that I do not get big-ticket items often or on a whim.  I have been researching getting a bike for a couple years, but only seriously in the last couple months.  On one hand, I was looking at a vintage motorcycle that could be bought outright with no payments.  And this is something I almost did.  However, while I may not have been making payments on the bike, I would have in maintenance.  And that was something I just didn’t know about.  I am no mechanic.  So, I opted for getting a new bike, as well as one that was going to be an easy commuter.

Enter the 2014 Honda NC700X DCT –  A motorcycle with a manual or automatic transmission.

This thing is awesome.  I don’t pick it up until Friday – just not enough time and I will need an assist.  A friend of mine will help with getting it to my house.  He has a truck and all the tie-downs needed to keep it stable.  And he has a ramp.  Once home, I will be learning how to ride it.

I got this particular bike for one main reason – the DCT transmission.  There is no traditional shifting, and even in manual, it is a paddle-style shifting.  In automatic mode, there are actually 2 modes: Drive and Sport.  In Drive, all thinking is left to the bike and the shifting is smooth and allows it to get some of the best mileage on the road.  In Sport, it revs higher, but gets slightly less gas mileage.  Being a 700cc bike, it has enough power to get on an expressway and there is enough weight that it wont get thrown around.  I plan on staying off the expressways, personally.  While it can be seen in the photo, the engine is canted forward, allowing for 2 things.  First, it brings the weight way down (not in pounds, but height) and it allowed Honda to move the fuel tank in order to give a “frunk” (Front Trunk) that will fit a full-face helmet.  With the low center of gravity and the gas tank under the seat, this bike is very easy to maneuver around in slow traffic.

I will do a full review once I get on it at home.  I will also get some photos and may even get the GoPro out and mounted ant take it for a ride.  Stay Tuned.

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