First Commute and an Accident

Ok, so to first lay all worries, I was not in an accident.

Today looked great for a commute.  Sure, it was cold this morning (24 deg f) but this afternoon was clear skies, mid 40’s and near perfect.  I got downtown without issue, got parked and got into work quite early.  So, coffee to warm up before sitting at the desk.  Whole thing about this morning, leaving when it was dark and cold was I finally knew it wasn’t gonna be an issue.  Went from my house up via surface streets to River road and straight into downtown.  Probably could leave earlier, but for the first time, I wanted a little more time and a little less traffic to deal with.  I got both.

What I was really worried about was the drive home…  A lot more difficult with about 40 times the traffic as the morning…  About 30 minutes before leaving I started watching the traffic to see what I was getting into.  Originally I was going to NOT go down Market, however the other routes looked worse for wear, and a good bit longer in time.  So, I suffered through Market and found it not too bad overall.  From there, straight down Brownsboro road to Hubbards to Westport.  It was smooth riding down Westport until just before 264…  So, I took the bike up on the expressway for the first time.  Got all the way up to 70 mph, fastest I have been so far…  Was very easy, very stable and quite fun.  I can easily see myself making some good runs on trips, even if I have to hit the expressways…  Anyway, I only needed to go down one exit.

I got off the expressway, headed towards home, hit a few more back roads and was very close to home when I came up to a stop sign where I saw two cars off in the grass beside the rail road tracks.  There was a woman leaning over speaking another.  I pulled off to see if everyone was ok.  No injuries, but the woman who caused the accident was 92 years old and somehow drove between a couple of phone poles.  Got parked and finally got the story.  The biggest issue is the woman who was hit locked her keys and phone in her car.  I ended up calling both 911 and the dealer to get everything situated.  The cops show up, we all give accounts and they get some of us on the road.  Unfortunately the woman with the SUV had to stick around waiting on the roadside assistance to show up to get her in her car.

So, using the flashing lights of the police, I get back on the road and head home to drop off my computer and head out.  Went to do my normal Friday night tastings and then home.  It was an awesome day riding, and tomorrow will be even better.  It will be warmer, longer and I will have friends to ride with.  So, first group ride!

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