Weather or not…

So, all the “we want an apocalyptic snowfall” fans out there are really talking up the incoming front.  Up to 8″ by morning.  OK.  Whatever.  It’s Louisville, we never get what is foretasted, and generally not even a fourth of what is expected.  So, we may get 2″.  Would I put money on it?  Nope, but then I would not put money on anything but a sure thing, and weather is never a sure thing.

What do I want to see?  Well, since I am off tomorrow anyway the snow brings nothing but frustration anyway.  I would like to see 50 degrees in the morning and 70 degrees at the peak of the heat, and back to 50 degrees overnight.  From now until this time next year.  My poor Raven is stuck in the garage on her battery tender for life support.   I want to ride.  You Armageddon weather wishers need to STFU.

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