It snowed, I missed it.

So the snow started Wednesday evening, March 4th and ended sometime Thursday afternoon, March 5th.  In total, we got somewhere between 12″ and 18″ of snow, depending on where you lived in the area.  It was enough for even my company, who rarely even gives a 2 hour late opening, to close for the day Thursday.  This was one of those thick, heavy snows that comes in quick.  It shut down most of the expressways, to the point emergency crews were running supplies to stranded truckers who could not make some of the the hills along I-65.

And I missed all of it.

I got up Thursday morning, checked my work phone and saw the office was going to be closed.  Great!  A free day off.  I went back to bed and tried going back to sleep.  Well, lets say I got about an hour’s sleep when I woke up with a splitting headache and my stomach rumbling enough to cause an earthquake.  OK – free day off turned into a free sick day.  With what appeared to be flu-like symptoms, I was relegated to my bed (or bathroom) for the whole of the day.  And, most of the next day as well.  I didn’t even see the snow until late Friday afternoon.

From Thursday, mid morning until late Friday I fought a fever of 102 and stomach issues.  I stayed in the bedroom, thankful for my iPad and Apple TV to keep me company.  I did finally get up and out of the house on Saturday afternoon to get some food and then to meet up with the family for my niece’s birthday dinner.  At that point, no more stomach issues and no fever.

On Sunday, after cleaning up a bit, I got on my bike and rode.  It was a great day out and was much needed for my mental state of mind, after being stuck in the house for the whole month.  There is more of it in my motorcycle blog: Adventures of Raven: 12″ to 0″ – on the roadways, at least.

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