Random Thoughts

So, while not a lot outside of motorcycling has been happening lately, I thought I would just give a quick update.

My normal life is finally moving over into a new style.  Motorcycling has started moving into the foreground of my thoughts, even more-so now that the weather is getting better.  I have riden every day it has been nice, and even on days where it was not even 25 degrees.  In fact, last night I took a ride out for nearly 120 miles on small roads between my house and Frankfort and south.  It was beautiful and not to be missed.  Neither were all the damned gnats.  It got to a point I could barely see and had to pull over and clean off my visor.  Just one more reason to wear a full-face helmet.

At this point I am also juggling keeping my bus pass or getting a monthly garage.  I am torn, since I want to be able to ride in whenever I want, but when I head out to take my work stuff home, I end up spending all the same time in the same traffic, saving me no time at all.  Also, the worse the traffic, the more likely I will be hit by some asshole on their phone.  I did find a garage that is $4 a day, so I can ride in cheaply if the day is too nice to pass up, or I have to stay after work for some reason.  I am leaning towards keeping things as they are, at least through spring, and see how things fall into place.

When it comes to the rest of what is going on in life, it is pretty much status quo.  I have noticed a significant drop in my online gaming (not a bad thing), decrease in the time the TV is on (again, not a bad thing), more time on the computer looking for places to go in KY that are within an hour or two for after work rides, and so on.  I have also noticed that I am feeling the longer rides in my core and my shoulders and upper arms.  I am working muscles that haven’t been worked in a while.  This is a good start.  Now, to get off the bike once in a while and do some walking around the neighborhood.  But, slinging a 600 pound bike around corners does give a good workout, especially when you are doing it for 6 hours at a time on the weekend, and 2 to 3 after work.

And now, for a random photo taken during a ride.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. There are some great rides in your neck of the woods. I like the idea of a BIKE AND HIKE, its something I have been thinking for a while. Do some great riding and get some hiking in on the same day. I bet there would be a niche there for a few bikers. Could be a good idea for a Motorcycle Group.


    • That is pretty much motocamping already, but would require a swap out of boots. I could not see myself hiking in my motorcycle boots. We did some short stints in Red River Gorge, but nothing huge. Didn’t have a separate pair of boots.


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