Events Piling Up

Yep, my decision not to work the fall Ohio fair was to have some time off to do things.  But, with that freedom comes another cage.  Well, not really a cage, but man, those free weekend get filled up quickly.  And I am not complaining about having something to do that is very different than what I have been doing in the last few years.  Yes, I will miss the fun at ORF, but I will not miss the long drives home after long hours on my feet in either the heat or the cold.

In the next few weeks, here is what I have going on.

  • April 11-12, Moonshine Run into Illinois.
  • April 17-19, Motorcycle Safety Course
  • May 2-3, Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge
  • May 13-17, Eastern Rendezvous
  • May 23-25, Memorial Day Weekend, anywhere but here.

And that is only until the Kentucky RenFair starts (May 30-July 5) so there is a lot after that, including the AMA Vintage Days in Ohio on July 11-12.  I don’t have anything else scheduled, motorcycle-wise, until mid-October, where there is a large Horizons Unlimited gathering in North Carolina.

I am hoping to get some good seat time and see some parks and drive some roads that have been recommended, especially the Blueridge Parkway and Shenandoah area to the east.  Also, some friends of mine spend a lot of time on the roads in their motorhome, so it would be neat to catch up with them and hang out and have some fun.

I am enjoying the hell outta the bike and riding all over.    Barely 3 weeks worth of real riding weather this year, and already I have nearly 3000 miles on the bike.  I have also found that, with the construction clogging up all the arteries leaving downtown, commuting on the bike is not worth the risk.  I get home the same time no matter how I go.  So, until the construction ends, I will keep riding the bus.  This is not affecting my doing things after work, as I have no problems getting back on the bike and riding back in towards town.

It is going to be a good year with all this new stuff to do and see.  I can’t wait for the weekends, and so  far, while Mother Nature has been mean during the weeks, she has spared the weekends for us.  The ride I am doing this weekend will be perfect weather.

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