What’s Grinding My Gears.

OK, before I start off on what this post is about, I want to let people know that I had a very good weekend, with no issues at all, and it was spent in good company.  I have no complaints.  I am also 99% ready for my trip to Tennessee Wednesday.  Only some repacking to do to get the bike loaded up.  Since the last couple posts have been about complaints (as this one technically is as well), I wanted to start off on a positive note.

So, here is what is grinding my gears on this Monday afternoon.  I was reading an article online (first mistake, I know) and it was discussing what “the worst” motorcycle was for a “Round The World (RTW)” trip.  It didn’t even have any concrete facts or even some good anecdotes to go along with the author’s opinion of the motorcycle.  Hell, there isn’t really even any reason for me to quote anything from it.  It was all opinion.  Hell, it would have been fine, if they would have added two words to the title: “For Me.”

Using the terms “The Best” and “The Worst” are just too subjective for any real discussion.  It is opinion and nothing really more.  The only facts that come into play still only deal with the individual making the claim.  The words “For Me” added to the end will give a far better representation of what you intend to say.  No matter what “you” think is the best of (or worst of) anything it is only the best (worst) for you.

For example, I have a friend who has a Honda Rebel 250.  She says it is the best cruiser.  I have another with a huge Honda Gold Wing 1800.  He says it is the best cruiser.  Here is the thing – they are both right.  She is a mere 5’4″ (5’6″ w/ boots) and weighs maybe 110# with gear on.  He, on the other hand, is 6’4″ and over 300.  If they were to trade bikes, guess what.  All of a sudden, the Gold Wing becomes the worst cruiser as does the Rebel.  For her, and her stature and needs, the Rebel is the best bike.  For him, the Gold Wing is the best bike.  It all comes down to what we each need from what we are riding, using, shooting, playing, eating, drinking, whatever!

So, the next time you think of uttering either “The Best” or “The Worst” consider adding “For Me” to the end of the statement to not only give yourself a little breathing room, but so that you don’t back yourself into a corner when someone challenges your opinion.

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