Mammoth Cave Trip

IMG_3160So this last weekend I went on a short trip and met up with some good friends of mine down in Cave City.  I rode in from Louisville, they drove their coach in from Bardstown.  We met at Rock Cabin Camping for the Memorial Day Weekend.  I left out a little before 9 AM to meet up around noon.  When we got set up at the campground and headed out to see some sites, namely Diamond Cave, and then grab some picnic in Mammoth Cave National Park.  After that, we went for a nap back at the campground and one of the people there had a couple RC Airplanes, so we had an impromptu air show.  It got a bit late, so we went off to dinner with some other friends before settling in for the night.  Except, there was no settling in on Saturday night.  We had fire dancers and fire works to entertain us for a long while.

On Sunday we went and hit up a concrete statue maker and then on to another cave system, Onyx Cave.  It was a neat little cave that is privately owned and operated.  It was a short, but informative tour with a good guide.  From there, lunch and then a nap.  After a bit, we got up and motivated again and took a short ride down to the Green River Ferry, and got our first ferry ride on bikes.  As the loop would have taken longer than we wanted, we did a small loop on a very unused road and back across the ferry to camp.  There was another impromptu air show and some relaxing doing of nothing.  Very different than my previous weekend which was all on all the time.  We had a lazy, but good, dinner with some local (Smith Berry Winery) wine which turned out to be quite good.  From there, we had guitar playing and talking and the sharing of photos.  A great end to a great weekend.

Monday rolls around, and unfortunately so does the rain.  what started as light off and on sprinkles as I started packing turned into showers my entire way home.  Granted, it was only just over 100 miles, but that 100 miles can feel like 1000 when it is raining.  My whole body was tense, expecting the worse.  I had ridden in the rain before, but it was only about 30 minutes.  This ended up being over 2 and a half hours.  All said and done, however, I made it home without incident.  I got the bike unpacked and the the gear stowed and got in a hot shower to warm up and slow down again.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing and doing nothing.

What a great weekend to have a more relaxing trip, especially considering the fast-paced trips I have done the last month or so.  As ren fair starts up this coming weekend, having some time off was a definite boon and was needed for some recharging.  Below are the photos of the different caves and other sites of the weekend.  I have some video, but that will have to come later, they need to be processed.

This first section is all from Diamond Caverns.

This next section is from Onyx Cave.

This final set is from the entrance to Mammoth Cave.  We missed getting tickets for a tour, so we just got some photos from around the entrance.  Also included are some shots of other stuff around.

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