Have to wonder about people…

technozombieSo last weekend I was with some friends down in Cave City for Memorial Day weekend.  We had a blast, riding about and spelunking.  Well, actually just guided tours, but hey, we were underground.  Well, Saturday night we head to a restaurant for dinner and the 5 of us were talking about different stuff and plans and what we were doing in the area.  Next to us, a married couple came in and started noshing on chips and salsa.  Neither said anything to each other.  They seemed to be in their 50s.  Well, I noticed each of them were glued to their phones more like teens out with their parents.  We kept eating and having fun interacting with each other.  It was a good night.  However, the couple next to us had moved to tilting their bodies in weird angles so they could both see one of the phones leaning against a condiment and watching some show.  What?  Really?  I am all for technology, but sometimes we need a break from it.  I just watch them watch their tiny “TV” and eat dinner in silence (except the annoying “TV”…)

It’s not just the younger generations that are becoming techno-zombies…

3 thoughts on “Have to wonder about people…

  1. “Appearances” (a tiny story)
    There was silence across the table, dinner barely touched, as the couple tapped listlessly at their phones. The deadline had passed and they both knew it. She was sinking into despair. He rubbed a tear from under his glasses. Neither looked up as the waitress slid the check between them. He tapped at his phone again and held his breath as a message from the adoption agency opened. He propped up the screen for his wife to see. A video of a gurgling baby played. “She’s finally ours,” he said. “Play it again,” she whispered.


  2. Appearances are deceiving. You never know what people are going through.
    And then again…sometimes it’s exactly what it looks like.


  3. That couple was only one example – the show was some old 70’s show. This is happening so much more often. Whole families, parents and kids all on their phones talking to anyone else that who they are with. I even catch my mom doing the same thing sometimes.


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