Sheep and “The Best”

OK, so there is no real correlation between the two, but I don’t feel like writing two different entries today.  They don’t even come together in where I get bugged about the terms, but, I feel like being lazy today.

Sheep – most people think of the animal that gives us wool and lamb chops.  Both are good in their own rights, especially while wearing a sweater and eating the chops.  However, there is another meaning to it when it comes to social media.

Sheep – in terms of social media, are the people who believe any and all news stories posted as being true.  Even from known satire sites such as “The Onion”.  These people never check the background of the stories or even sit and use their common sense (yeah, right) to recognize the story is so far out of whack it has to be false.  While it can be hard sometimes to tell if a story is true or false, as a lot of these are written extremely well, a simple check of sources (or in most cases, lack thereof) will give the needed clue that the article is bunk.  These articles are written to progress certain agendas, and it doesn’t matter which side of the political or social line it is written for.  For each article, there will be the opposite viewpoint on a different site.  Some of these point/counterpoint sites are owned by the same company…  Long story short, don’t be a sheep and take any article posted on any social network as fact, do your own research.

“The Best” is more of a pet peeve of mine than anything else.  Especially when the question is “What is the best ______ for me?”  How the fuck should I know what is best for you?  Another example are the open and ambiguous questions concerning “the best.” For instance: “what is the best computer?”  The best computer for what?  Gaming?  Photos? Video? Streaming? Business?  Or, yet another example; “who is the best athlete?”  Well, at what sport?  Sorry, but a long distance runner wont stand much of a chance on a football gridiron against a line whose average person is at least 2 of the runner.

But back to the “for me” qualifier.  Seriously, how am I to know, especially not knowing anything about you or your requirements for something, what the best “anything” is for you?  Hell, I have a hard enough time trying to figure out what is best for my own needs…  Back to the best gaming computer, as an example.  For me(!) the best gaming computer is a large screen, high end laptop that is specifically made for gaming (Alienware or Razer, for instance) where for “you” it may be a desktop.  The best is too open ended, too subjective, to be answered by people on the internet in a forum where there is no actual interaction.  I have gotten to where I will ask for more info, and if none is given, I don’t bother responding anymore.  Besides, most people who want “the best” are gonna be sheep anyway and are not looking to do their own research – or they would already know what is best for them…

Anyway, rant over for now, just wanted to explore these two topics and see what my head needed to relieve itself of.  Kinda glad I did.

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