Friday, June 26, 2015 – 5 to 4 in favor.

I need to make two disclaimers here before I get into my opinion.  First, I am not a gay man.  I have never entertained the idea of carnal love or knowledge in another man.  Second, I have no problem with those who are gay (lesbians are included, I just don’t want to have to keep typing both…  Redundant anyway.)  There are too many people in the world to fall into one category (heterosexual).  I really do not care one iota which side of the fence you stand, or even if you straddle it.  Your decisions on who and how your love or want to marry has no bearing on who I love or want to marry.

All that being said, let me just say it is about fucking time this issue was laid to rest.  As more and more states were finally legalizing same sex marriage, more and more “people” (quotes are deliberate) were trying to fight it and find a way around it.  The case was finally heard by the Supreme Court of the United States.  And they ruled 5-4 in favor of legalizing same sex marriages across the entire 50 states.  As I said, about damn time.  This also marks one of the ONLY times I have been in agreement with the President.

Anyone who reads this should know where I stand on politics, and how much I like to discuss it.  And when it comes to this post, please let me direct you to the last entry, If offended, PISS OFF!

I have a lot of friends who are gay.  I am proud to stand next to them and support their cause for equal treatment.  I do not do so for a pat on my back, but so they can live a more fulfilling and relaxed life without having to feel the eyes of society looking down at them as some kind of freak.  I realize this can be a tough subject for people because they look at the issue through the clouded goggles of religion, when the issue is social.

I have an old friend from high school who is the first person I knew who was gay.  I didn’t even have a full grasp on what being gay meant.  I am sure he didn’t either.  To make matters worse, we went to an all-guy’s high school where the bible belt buckles.  His coming out was probably the bravest thing I had witnessed at the time.  Still is, in many respects.  I read a long post from him on Facebook yesterday on his own struggle and what the Supreme Court decision meant to him and, even as a long time friend, I was taken aback on just how hard life has been for him.  I have no scale to imagine what it was like.  Every single one of us out there knows someone who has gone through the same thing as my friend.  And they probably never let you know how they honestly felt.  They probably put on the strong front of “I’m doing fine, nothing wrong, happy as can be, glad I came out” but deep down, they were probably terrified and depressed.

As a single, heterosexual, white, middle-class male in the US I don’t have a lot of social issues I have to overcome.  However, I will not apologize for that either.  I have nothing to apologize for in respects to what is going on.  I am not racist, I am not a bigot, I am not sexist.  Do I want to see more equality come to this country, this world?  Of course!

Now, to some of the more offensive parts of this post.  To all the religious assholes out there who are trying to use the bible to their own ends when it comes to law and government policy just remember.  The US was founded on the idea of the SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE!  So fuck off!  If X and X or Y and Y want to get married and enjoy their lives together and receive the same benefits as X and Y, then by all means do so, because X and X or Y and Y being married will not take anything away from X and Y.  Simplistic, I know, but guess what, it really is that simple.  And if you think marriages between same sex couples takes away from your own, then you may need to look at your marriage and see if it is really that strong.  And if your faith is shaken because of same sex marriages, re-examine it…

Because it all comes down to the same ancient pretext – Religion was created to control the uneducated masses.  And it is still doing the same thing today.

And let me remind you: If offended, PISS OFF!

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