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GenCon2014So I realize that most of the last few posts have been rants.  And granted, we all need to rant now and then in order to release the pressure build-up of dealing with the stupids on a daily basis, it also makes for a pretty boring and negative blog.  So, now it is time for something completely different.

This coming weekend is the annual 48 Hour Film Fest.  It is an exhausting weekend where teams of filmmakers get together on Friday night at 7 PM to receive their random genre, character, dialog and prop that must be included in a movie 4-7 minutes long that must be written, shot, edited and turned in by 7 PM Sunday (48 hours later).  Exhausting because you are basically up the entire weekend trying to get a presentable movie out the door.  Winners have the potential of having their film shown in the Cannes Festival and a cash prize.

The last few years I participated in the fest with a friend of mine, however this year, he has taken off from doing it, so I will be showing up to the meet and greet on Friday and see if I can’t beg my way onto a team.  It isn’t that hard, most are looking for that last minute addition to fill in a role.  It will be fun, meeting new people, learning new skills and just having fun participating and seeing something that I have had a hand in up on the silver screen.  Will I ever be a professional film maker?  Probably not, but I will enjoy my time participating in this festival.

Coming up in just less than 2 weeks is my annual trip to Indianapolis for GenCon.  This year, it runs from Wednesday (officially, Thursday) through Sunday next week.  That would be July 29 – August 2.  It is the largest gaming convention in the US for tabletop games of all kinds.  From D&D to trading cards, board games to True Dungeon (more later).  Any and all games imaginable.  It is 5 days of fun and being with some of my best friends in the world.

I started coming to GenCon in 2005, where I came up on a Saturday morning, bought a day pass and walked the floor, played some demo games and met up with an acquaintance for a pick-up game before heading home at about midnight.  It was fun, but way too short.  The next year, however, I looked at trying to make the whole weekend, and got another friend of mine, Tim, involved.  He was up for it immediately and we went up on Thursday morning, early, and got a parking pass that would let us in and out the whole time and we stayed at my sister’s place on the west side of Indy.  Sure, we were there the whole time, but had to drive in and out each morning/night.  At one point, several other guys came up Saturday and we all hung around, again staying at my sister’s place.  Tim and I hit the floor one last time on Sunday and then came home.

On the way home, we started talking about the next year, and that we wanted to stay on site, so we could park and not move until we left.  At this point, we had the others hooked, and plans were made and we all came back.  This was especially good, considering this was the year I was going through a divorce.  We got a room about 4 blocks away from the convention center, but it was a tiny room, and we had to stuff 6 people in it.  We did it, but vowed to plan better and get a better room next time.  But we had established the tradition.  It is hard to believe, but Tim and I have been going for the duration for 10 years now, the rest for 9.  This is huge!

We have had different hotels and room sizes since, but the best room was one at the Hilton, which was larger than an apartment with 2 bathrooms.  Huge plus when there are 6 guys trying to get things done in the morning and having extra room to spread out as well.  We have also had rooms in the hotels connected to the convention center, which is way convenient, and almost trumps the 2 bathrooms.  Almost.

This year marks the 10th year Tim and I have been coming up to GenCon for the full run.  We are also back in the big room, with the 2 bathrooms.  It is going to be a good year, with me having some extra money from fair to spend on stuff I will use maybe 4 times a year.  Or, some extra food/beer while there.  Either way, it is going to be a phenomenal Con!  I cannot wait, and have even packed up some of the stuff already, and have other stuff staged waiting to go.

After GenCon, I will have a pretty open summer and fall.  There will be some weekends where I will be out and about, but for the most part, I don’t have any staged events until September and October.

Why all the free time?  Well, this year I am taking a break from working the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  Over the last couple years, getting home in the early hours of Monday morning to be at work the same day was getting to be too much to do 8 weeks in a row.  While it was fun, it was becoming more work that fun, which made it getting to be a drudge.  I had said a long time ago, if it ever became more work than fun it would be time to take a break.  So this year, I am taking off.  I will go visit and may even lend a hand once in a while, but I am not going to do it full time.  Also, there are a number of weekends where I will not be able to make it anyway due to work and scheduled/paid-for rides.

That’s all for now, will do some updates after some of these trips and events are done.  Gonna be a busy couple weeks coming up.

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