GenCon 2015

IMG_3394We did it again this year, GenCon 2015 in Indianapolis, IN.  I have been heading up since 2006, and in 2007 a couple of us started going the whole 4 days.  It has been a blast, and an excuse to be a geek and let our inner children run loose for a week.  The core of our group have been getting hotels for the full run since 2008 and this year we are back in the big one.  Some 1100 square foot, 2 bathroom, 2 room behemoth of a room less than 3 blocks away from the convention center at the Hilton.

We have been heading up Wednesday morning for the last few years as it just makes it easier to plan out the events for the week.  This way, Thursday isn’t wasted on travel.  This year, Wednesday was as crowded downtown with fellow conventioneers as Thursdays of years past, and Thursday morning in the vendor hall was the busiest I have ever seen it.

We participate in a game every year called True Dungeon ( that is a walk through dungeon where monsters have to be killed and puzzles have to be solved.  It is the one thing we spend money on every year.  You collect tokens that represent gear that can be used in the dungeon.  We always buy extra, trying to collect the elusive Ultra-Rare tokens that give the best stats and gear.  After a few years, we end up being able to sell off some of the junk and gold piece tokens for a decent amount of money.  This year, 6 of us paid for 2 runs at $52 each run for each ticket.  All of that was paid for by selling tokens this spring.  Kudos to Mike for his hard work!

There were other events spread out during the week, and some of us went to some, others went to others.  I attended a few movie screenings and a fun event called Tracy Hickman’s Killer Breakfast (no breakfast served at Killer Breakfast).  An industry icon, and co-creator of Dragonlance, Tracy Hickman gets on stage and plays a mock table top RPG and kills everyone over and over and over.  I realize my description is over-simplified, but it is something you have to see for yourself.  On top of all the events, there is the vendor floor, filled with every game (table top, card, board) conceivable.  And after all that there is the food and beer!  We hit different spots every day for local food and craft beer.  We continued to some staples, and added some new.  We finished up hitting Webber Grill for some steak and potatoes.  For me, it was a $100 meal.

We headed home on Sunday, not ready for the weekend to end, but ready to start planning the next one.

Here is a sampling of some of the photos we got.

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