I just dont get it…

There are few things I hate more that disrespect of one’s own country.  Let’s face it, even with all our issues as a country, this is still one of the greatest places in the world to live.  The whole purpose of this post is not to get into the political or social issues or discussions, but for me to say just how much I cannot stand, to the point of feeling inexplicable anger and rage, the term “‘Murcia” in all its different spellings.  In fact, just writing it pisses me off.

I get it.  I know what it is point to.  But I still cannot stand the term.  I don’t care if you are making fun of the outlandish lengths some people go to in order to show their “individuality” or opinion.  I don’t care there is a 10000 piece bacon sandwich in some Podunk town in the backwoods.  I don’t care of someone vinyl’d their car or bike in a down-right ugly (and disrespectful, I might add) American Flag.  I get it.  You are making fun of “first world problems” (another term I hate) that seem to only happen in the USA.

Just consider for a moment, when you utter that slime, you are making fun of every single American alive and dead.  Not just the image or story you are linking.  And to you I say – piss off, you fucking bully.

And lets take a moment and look at “first world problems”.  No, there is nothing wrong with your phone being dead.  It is a problem.  If you segregate it to “first world” then yet again, you are bullying and making fun of the rest of the population in the first world, and putting yourself on top of those who aren’t.  If you are reading this, then understand that you just happened to be lucky enough that your biggest problem of the day is waiting to get home to charge you phone.  Not finding food for your family out of an empty shelf in your hut in the third world.  Problems are problems no matter what your status is.  It is they happen to be of a different nature.  Uttering that sentence or putting that classifier in your posts only makes you seem like an asshole and a “better than thou” prick.  Again, piss off, you fucking bully.

End of rant.

PS, I don’t care if you agree, or if you finish reading this.  Disparaging comments will be deleted as I see fit – this is a privately owned website and I don’t care about your opinion.

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