Reader Interaction Required! Quick Question.

The other night on the radio I heard the DJ’s talking about what made them happy.  And it wasnt a discussion of family or friends or significant others or anything like that.  It was something deeper, primal.  I realize that parents looking down at their newborn are happy, and it is something that is tangible, but what they were talking about had to do more with a personal, away from everyone else, secret happy.  Something that even just thinking about brings a smile and that tug on your chest.  So, what I want to ask is, What makes you honestly happy?  (PS – If you don’t wish to share here, at least take some moments today and think about it.)

Of course, I am going to give a couple examples for myself.  Because.

First, whenever I think about Autumn I get that feeling.  I get giddy and happy.  I love autumn, from the coloring of the leaves, to the smell of them falling.  The air starts getting crisper and Halloween is around the corner.  I love everything about this time of year (coming up).

Second, there are about 3 Fridays a year where I can get out and away and relax with no responsibilities.  I can sit on the porch, have a cigar or pipe (tobacco, people…) and a beer that I have been aging for months and look out over fields of green or light brown (depending on season) and do nothing at all but relax.  And then, a few hours later, spend the weekend gaming and drinking with some of my best friends in the world.  Of course I am talking about cabin weekends.  But there is something about that first hour or two alone looking out over that field.

Third, and this is relatively new for me, but looking ahead of me on an empty road and seeing a winding ribbon of tarmac and knowing I have a full tank of gas.  This kind of ties in with the second one, in that I have time to be alone and in an experience where I am in control of everything I do and everything that happens to me, and the breeze going across my face (when the visor is vented).

I have a feeling I will explode this autumn when I ride down to the cabin!

But seriously, this will be my first autumn on the bike, and being able to combine both experiences into one will be amazing.  I will be in North Carolina in mid October, and then in late October, in rural Indiana, at a state park that I associate solely with Autumn.  There will be a few of us riding around the area, so it will be a good time, and it will be the same time period.  I cannot wait.

So, what is it that makes you happy on a primal level?  The selfish happy, that is for you alone.

1 thought on “Reader Interaction Required! Quick Question.

  1. I’m happiest being out in Nature, at one with the Wilderness. Be it the Sonoran Desert in the company of a chuckwalla lizard, or hiking through the deepest forest in Shenandoah, or sitting quietly on a limestone ridge in the woods, just beyond those fields you love, watching a red fox rummage in the leaves.

    Favorite Quote: Your character is shown by what you do when there is nothing to do.


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