ORF I Was In You!

Man, what a weekend.  Friday night had be driving through the torrents from Louisville to Springboro, OH to stay with some friends of mine.  I havent seen them for almost a year, but these are the kinds of friends where you just pick up where you leave off.  It was like it was just the other week, rather than 50 weeks.

We sat up drinking and talking into the wee hours of the morning discussing all that has been happening over the last year.  It was good times.  Some beer, some bourbon, some more beer and more bourbon.  Even a bit of rum in there, too.  Went to bed with a smile and slept through until the sun was peaking up.  While it was weird not being in a rush to be on site by 8:00 AM, it was nice not having to be on site by 8:00 AM.  By 10:30 I was making my rounds saying “hi” to everyone I had been missing this fair season.

And it took all day to go around twice.  I also saw my first joust (been going since 2007) and had fun hanging out and talking to my 2 favorite food vendors.  Jerky Guy and Pickle Guy!  Stopped at my favorite pub and saw 2 of my favorite pub wenches.  Hung out at the Forge for a good bit of the day as well.  Like I said, took me from 10:30 to 6:00 to make it around fair twice.  I dont think this website could hold all the names if I were to attempt it, but you all know who you are.

Saturday night was a nice quick ride back and another great dinner.  Meat and potatoes, German style, with a great Oktoberfest brew and a 1# pork chop (yes, pretty damn close to a pound of meat!)  Man, good food, more good company.  A short night’s sleep saw me up and out by 8AM so I could get through Cincinnati before 9AM.  The drive home was nice with little traffic and perfect weather.

I arrived home at 10AM and got with a friend a couple hours later to get a new tire on my bike.  Went over to his house and we took my wheel off, and I took it up to the store to have it replaced.  While the actual work on the tire only took about 15 minutes, had to wait for the guy to come back to work from lunch.  After than, a mere 20 minutes later, we had the tire back on the bike, chain adjusted and cleaned and lubed and I was off for a quick ride to scuff up the tire.  Saw my parents for a few minutes and then went home for dinner and laundry.

All in all, a great weekend, even with the cold and rain on Friday and Saturday.  Just wish I had more time at fair to see everyone else.  There is always next season.

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