Another year, come and gone!

Hard to believe just how short 2015 seems.  It was a big year for me, personally.  Especially with the purchase of the new motorcycle.  In a year, I put 12000 miles on it.  I know some people who have had motorcycles for years and haven’t done that the whole time they owned them.  I know others who do that in a quarter of a year.  Through the motorcycle, I have met some great people as well.  I have seen parts of the country I never knew existed.

Looking back, I have noticed a subtle shift in my lifestyle.  No longer am I content to sit at home not doing anything and being comfortable with things being stagnant.  I have taken steps to open my life up and experience more of the world and its people.  And I cannot do that without making some changes.

Looking forward, I see another year of travel on the motorcycle.  Some new events and redoing some old ones.  I am pairing down the extra stuff I own and do not use in order to get my life moving in a better direction.  I dont need to hold on to old crap that has been sitting and gathering dust for nearly a decade.  It is time to let go and move on.  And in doing so, I will open up new doors and new experiences.

I see myself rethinking certain aspects of my life.  Stuff that just isnt as fun anymore and seems more like work than anything else.  Some will be disappointed and others wont even know I have gone.  The journey I started in 2007 is taking a new direction.

Some things I wish to accomplish this year:

  1. Clear out the unused items from my house
  2. Pay off the motorcycle so it is owned outright
  3. Go back to Scotland with dad
  4. Start planning a long trip for 2017 that will have me seeing at least the eastern states and up into Canada.
  5. Start planning a trip for 2018 that will include all 49 continental states (Hawaii will have to wait) and Canada.
  6. Start saving extra money for the trips.
  7. Get house to a point of being able to rent out the top and have it pay for my trips (long term plan, 3 to 5 years out)

These will take time and effort, but they are very high on my priority list.  They will be done, especially the part about starting to get rid of all the extra crap from the house.  I see a lot of e-bay and craigslisting coming up.

To those who have been around the last few years, thank you.  To those who have drifted away, I wish you well.

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