Cough, Cough, OW!

So my yearly bout with the flu came in hard Sunday evening, paralyzing me for nearly 3 days.  The weekend started off great, with a cabin trip with some friends.  Even heading home Sunday from there I felt good.  Tired, but no different from any normal trip to the cabin.  I got home, got unpacked and clothes into the wash and cleaned up a bit then went out for a ride for a couple hours.  Got home, felt fine, ordered dinner, and some time between ordering the food and it showing up, I started to tank.

So, by late evening, full blown fever and whole body aches put me into bed with no food.  Monday was wasted on bed rest and medicine, Tuesday saw an improvement, but still not much movement.  Still achy, but not crippling like Monday.  Wednesday, mid-day I felt the pain fade, fever gone, headache went with the first cup of coffee.  Thursday will be the return to work.  As much for the need to get back in, but also, I want out of the house.

Now that this flu is over, the rest of the year is ready to start.

2 thoughts on “Cough, Cough, OW!

  1. Oh no – you too? This has been The Worst Flu Ever! That fever was horrid. And it came on so quickly. Smacked us both down for a few days.


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