Dragonfired Titanium d20

DragonfireTitaniumFinally.  It is the only word that comes to mind.  Ordered at GenCon 2014, I was given the shipping date that was 6 weeks out.  I should have had the die at the end of September 2014 or beginning of October 2014.  In December of that year, I contacted them.  No reply.  I attempted to get ahold of them via FaceBook.  No reply, in fact, they deleted my posts.  No status update anywhere on the site or FB.  I continued to try contacting them, and when they did, it was always “they are being worked on, but the machines (enter broken term here)” however they were constantly showing all kinds of new materials they had for making dice out of on the “broken” machines.  So here I am, nearly 2 years later after spending a stupid amount of money on a single die.  Well, it came in the mail yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, this thing is beautiful.  100% titanium with the bluish color that comes from applying high heat.  A treatment that wont wear off, like anodizing sometimes can.  I love the feel and look and weight of titanium – probably my favorite metal.  Man, is it beautiful.  I need to carry it around with me so my negative feelings for the company don’t rub off on the die.  And no, the photo does not do it justice.

As to the dealer – I will never order anything from them again.  I dont care if it is for a plastic die, they will never get my money.  No, I will not name them here, I dont want to give any word of mouth to them either.  To that company, fuck you.  Learn to take care of your customers, rather than stroking you ego with “we made dice out of X material.”

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