Tech Talk

I have now had the new laptop for a month, and have mostly adjusted back to the Windows mode of thinking.  My new video editing suite has served well, but I still need to get into it further and get more comfortable with it.  I have meant to, but it seems I just haven’t been able to get away long enough to spend the proper time.  Do I miss the primary machine being a Mac?  Sometimes.  With the Mini, I still get to use OSX quite a bit – it does run the media center.  For now, however, I am making my switch back to Windows and it hasnt been terrible.

I guess some explanation is needed for what I have at home and what is used for what.

  • Alienware 17″ R3 Laptop – main PC for photos, video, gaming and general use.
  • MacMini – Media center using iTunes as the base.  Plex server is also installed, just for fun.
  • Surface Pro 2 – travel PC for limited gaming, wordpress and light video work.
  • MacBook Pro – currently crippled with a power supply or fan issue.  Was the main PC prior to the Alienware.  I am looking to see if it is feasible to fix it and sell it to recoup some of the money.
  • iPad Air 2 – media consumption, from videos to books.  I do other stuff as well, as in very light photo and video production, wordpress and the like.  This is the most-used device I currently have.
  • iPhone 6S+ – well, my phone.  I also use it as a camera (photo and video), consumption and more.
  • Apple TV 4 – main media outlet.  Hooked up to my living room TV and connects back to the MacMini for watching the movies and shows I have stored there as well as for music.  Of course it has all the other fun apps available and allows me to stay sane without paying for cable.  I have an Apple TV 3 on the back bedroom TV.

That is the very short list of what I have around and what their main jobs are.  All are set up to help with my different projects and fun times when I have free time.  With my main laptop set up, with full backup support for data and all, I am redoing my Surface Pro 2.  I will be installing Windows 10 natively, rather than having it sit with Win10 as an upgrade.  It will still be the mobile computer for light (everything) gaming, photo and video production and for wordpress posts when not at home.  In fact, it is 92% done with the reset now.  Nothing else is changing at this point.  No need to.

Tech-wise, I am happy where I am at with the machines I currently own.  Now, to go off and get some free zom-poc books from Amazon.

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