Trip to “The Lake”

IMG_0759This weekend I went up to a small lake in north eastern Indiana called Adams Lake just outside of Wolcottville, IN.  It is a place my family knows well, as my mom basically grew up there in the summers as a child.  For my sister and I, it is our 4th of July destination for as long as I can remember.  I haven’t been since 2007, so this is a big one for me, and I know a lot has changed.  My sister, her husband and 2 daughters and my dad and I are all going in the same van.  Yay for an iPad stacked with movies and good headphones.

IMG_0720The drive up will take about 6 hours or so, depending on traffic.  North through Indianapolis then east on I-69 to Fort Wyane, then north to Kendelville and on up to Wolcottville.  We will be there from Friday night through mid day on Monday as we all have to work Tuesday.

IMG_0746Saturday was a great day, and there was a lot to do and play on.  I started my day with a refresher course on the wave runner.  It had been a decade since coming up and playing on one, so I took it slow-ish.  The funny thing is, they only seem to be wide open or idling – nothing in between.  What was weird was not having a helmet on.  I have been riding the bike so much that straddling an engine while holding handlebars and a throttle in my right hand, I was having issues reconciling that I was not on my bike.  After the jet-skiing, my cousin, his wife and son and my niece all went out to go tubing.  I had my GoPro with me, so I grabbed it and came along.  I filmed the whole thing, and compiled all the spills to a single video.  It was a blast!  Both kids did great with some major waves coming off the tri-hull speed boat.  Saturday night finished out with a cook-out and some talking and catching up around the fire.

Sunday came in and started pretty much like Saturday.  Jet-skiing and then tubing, this time with all 3 kids.  Again, I tagged along and filmed them all the whole time, and it was a blast.  They did great.  From there, we headed back in for a late lunch, some walking about, more jet-skiing and a drive around the lake to see what all was new since the last time I was there.  We got back, had dinner of hot dogs over the fire and the elders (dad, uncle and both aunts) went out on the boat to spread mom’s ashes on the lake she grew up on.  When they got back, we had more reminiscing and sharing of stories.  It was a nice weekend, and a nice send off.  I really do think mom was there in spirit.

Monday was cleanup for my aunt’s house, which we destroyed.  We hit the road about 1 or so, getting home at about 6:30.  It was a good weekend, and everyone had fun.  We all got extra sun and were tired by the time we got to our homes.  So until next year, stay safe.

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